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Masseuses Wanted

Masseuses Wanted

Masseuses with great Asian style massage skills and the right attitude towards customer service are always in demand.
Are you from India. Vietnam. Ceylon. Sri Lanka?
These nationalities are keenly sought by customers and can be placed very quickly.
Some clinics offering sign-on bonuses!
Do not send photos!

If you are looking for work, send your brief application by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will forward it to massage clinics who we know are hiring.


No Beginners - we are not looking for unskilled pretty faces. Only masseuses with a number of years experience should apply.


Applications should include the following in an email:

  • Name, Address Suburb (not whole address) and Phone Contact Details
  • Shifts available
  • Qualifications
  • 2 most recent or current employers
  • Earliest starting date
  • Location preference or limitations

Attachments with more details are ok, but so we can assess applications simply, we ask for this information in the email body.

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